Accommodating dyslexia in the workplace Free amatuer webcams

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Therefore, it is likely your business currently employs or will employ someone with dyslexia.

Under the Equality Act 2010, dyslexia is classed as a disability.

Because these challenges are not visually apparent – making dyslexia a ‘hidden’ disability – they’re easy to overlook.Many adjustments are just an adaptation of a way of working and may also help staff members who are not dyslexic.It’s estimated by Dyslexia Action that 6.3 million people in the UK have the learning difficulty dyslexia, which is around 1 in 10.An employee does not need to have had an diagnostic assessment in order to receive reasonable adjustments.It is advised that specialist advice, such as a Workplace Needs Assessment, is taken to determine the most appropriate adjustments for a particular individual.

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