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When American mum Sonni Abatta came across a pink lunch box with the glittery words CHEAT DAY sewn on it while shopping with her young daughter at a local department store, she was "sickened".

And as a mum to three girls, I share her anger."We scratch our heads when we see our little girls struggle with body image, with self worth, with confidence. This is part of the reason why," Ms Abatta told People magazine."Our world is telling our girls that it is 'cheating' if they eat something that's not 100 per cent fat-free and perfectly healthy."In turn, that tells them that self-control and denying herself is to be valued above all.

It's what's on the inside that truly matters and that should be championed every single day.

Joseph Paul Glimco (January 14, 1909 – April 28, 1991) was an Italian American labor leader and well-known organized crime figure based in Chicago, Illinois.

Glimco had an extensive career as a labor racketeer in the 1930s.It's hard work shielding my girls from the onslaught of body negative messages being shouted at them from all corners of the globe.I'm doing my best to raise girls who don't have a love/hate relationship with their body - who don't despise the way their body looks and who don't spend their life trying to achieve "perfection"."Witt" Hanley, secretary-treasurer of the Produce, Fresh & Frozen Fruits & Vegetables, Fish, Butter, Eggs, Cheese & Poultry Drivers Union, Local 703, IBT.In 1940, Hanley brought Glimco to see Dominic Abata, founder of the taxi drivers' division of Local 777, IBT (which represented many Chicago taxicab drivers).

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