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When there is “evidence of absence,” the Special Counsel was willing to say the investigation “established” effectively that something did not occur.

For example, the Report states that the investigation “established” that interactions between the Russian Ambassador and Campaign officials at certain locations were “brief, public, and non-substantive.” That finding excludes the possibility that something more nefarious occurred in those particular interactions. : At a March 31, 2016 meeting of the campaign’s foreign policy advisory group, one of the advisers George Papadopoulos “brought up a potential meeting with Russian Officials,” and told the group that he learned from his contacts in London that Putin wanted to meet Trump.

Fourth, some of the individuals who “cooperated” with the investigation (e.g., Steve Bannon) appear to have been deceptive or not fully forthcoming in their dealings with the Special Counsel.

Although the Mueller Report does not squarely address these questions of “collusion” that fall outside the scope of potential criminal liability, it can be mined for substantive information that provides some meaningful answers.told the Russians during the meeting that Trump could revisit the issue of the Magnitsky Act if elected. A Trump Campaign official told the Special Counsel he “felt obliged to object” to a GOP Platform change on Ukraine because it contradicted Trump’s wishes; however, the investigation did not establish that Gordon was directed by Trump. Russian military hackers may have followed Trump’s July 27, 2016 public statement “Russia if you’re listening …” within hours by targeting Clinton’s personal office , which resulted in an individual apparently acting in coordination with the Campaign claiming to have successfully contacted Russian hackers. The Trump Campaign—and Trump personally—appeared to have . The Trump Campaign coordinated campaign-related public communications based on future Wiki Leaks releases. Michael Cohen, on behalf of the Trump Organization, brokered a secret deal for a Trump Tower Moscow project directly involving Putin’s inner circle, at least until June 2016. During the presidential transition, Jared Kushner and Eric Prince engaged in secret back channel communications with Russian agents. During the presidential transition, in coordination with other members of the Transition Team, Michael Flynn spoke with the Russian Ambassador to prevent a tit for tat Russian response to the Obama administration’s imposition of sanctions for election interference; the Russians agreed not to retaliate saying they wanted a good relationship with the incoming administration.(1) Kushner suggested to the Russian Ambassador that they use a secure communication line from within the Russian Embassy to speak with Russian Generals; and (2) Prince and Kushner’s friend Rick Gerson conducted secret back channel meetings with a Putin agent to develop a plan for U. During the course of 2016, Trump Campaign associates failed to report any of the Russian/Wiki Leaks overtures to federal law enforcement, publicly denied any contacts with Russians/Wiki Leaks, and actively encouraged the public to doubt that Russia was behind the hacking and distribution of stolen emails.The Kremlin operative previewed their plan for “anonymous release” of the information to help the Trump campaign.A very significant question is what reception the Russians got from the Trump Campaign after making these revelations.

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