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I also sourced for him the mighty botanical encyclopaedia of the Middle East.

In commemoration of that historic event, we will be celebrating the anniversary year with some special materials in each of our regular updates and culminating with a Special STURP Update on October 8, 2018, 40 years to the day that we began our examination of the Shroud in 1978.

Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia illustrates the program together with don Roberto Gottardo (center), President of the Diocesan Commission for the Shroud, and Fr.

Instant Reservation Confirmation I II I I II I I I I II I ~--------__.--_____--J Through: Swissair, Horis International System. Unlike most transatlantic airlines, our in-flight meals are prepared fresh- are never frozen. 9 't J 'OA1lf-lm~,;l\ Elva: ~ (8VLXi] a EQOlt OQLXT] Etatg Ha t T]C; 'EAA6.00C;. r Ul titv bturtpo11 O'ac;, O'titv e EAAaba, IPtta~t O'tt b UO 1tpa YJiata, to Atapattlpt6 O'ac; , , 1(at tll V ••• Attu Ouv O'1l Jiac;! What's more, a 72-hour layover in Athens is permitted. Connections on American are in the same terminal, and United is right next door. AIR_AYS Our 15th year of serving the Greek community. 'H xopotarrtp(~a, at,;v 6rro(a ~nal~t ~ iu:piq ITWT] 6Pxliorpa t OU ~rotll r1COVll , OT)Jl E{(u O£ C~QIPEtll C" 81tl TUxi.a. •0 Kalp6~ Tj Tav 9au Jlamoc; Kai O"t OV Ta~\o Hl:rt'1 o69TJKE Ti E~1CUlpia va ono Aauoouv ta t:~ai O\a cp8lvon OOpl VCt xpro~ata trov ~tvt PWV d &l.~ t T]V ~la~po~ij. 'y Op K~,) ~t~lroe~Kt 6 np Ot~p O, Kai to I:u~­ POUAt O TOU T01tll COU I:u AA.6you.

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