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Platforms like Minder and Muzmatch, another Muslim dating app, have put that power in our hands.They counteract misconceptions that Islam and modernity don't mix."Minder helps fix that by bringing people together in one place," Mokhtarzada says.When creating my profile, I was asked to indicate my level of religiosity on a sliding scale, from "Not practicing" to "Very religious." The app even asked for my "Flavor," which I thought was an interesting way to describe which sect of Islam I belong to (Sunni, Shia, etc.).Haroon Mokhtarzada, the CEO, says he was inspired to create the app after meeting several "well educated, highly eligible" Muslim women who struggled to find the right guy to marry.He felt technology could help by connecting people who might be geographically scattered.As with all faiths, people follow more liberal or conservative rules around dating depending on how they interpret religious doctrines and what they choose to practice.

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You can even choose to indicate how soon you want to get married, but I opted to leave that blank. ) These details can, for better or worse, become the focus of potential relationships. Someone who's less religious may not be able to relate to someone with more strict interpretations of the faith. Guys had a tendency to post selfies with weird Snapchat puppy filters and pictures of their cars, and there was an odd abundance of photos with tigers.My friend Diana Demchenko, who is also Muslim, downloaded the app with me as we sat on my couch one Saturday evening, and she managed to stay on it a grand total of 30 hours before deleting it.She was overwhelmed by how many people you can swipe through without even noticing."I was like, 'I just looked at 750 guys,'" she recalls.All have their fair share of quirky bios, pictures of guys in muscle shirts and awkward conversations about what we do for a living.But a few features -- including one that lets "chaperones" peek at your messages -- make Muslim-catered apps stand out.

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