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This doesn't affect any of the asset compilation from the manifest because you know the comment at the top is the manifest stuff.All this is allowing us to do is say we can import bootstrap here at the top and we can also import bootstrap sprockets, and so this is just going to say: Well, if we make this file SCSS, we can also use this file to import bootstrap and use it as a main place where all of our CSS gets included.One feature that we're going to delay until talking about in a future episode is the idea of marking the channels and the user's last read_at time stamp.This is nice because if you are reading a chat that has many users in it there's a lot of conversation happening if you see a line in there that says: You saw everything up until here but then you logged out, and everything below it is new, that's a super useful feature, and we can probably add something in here into these models so that we could say: Well, this user last read this message, we could update that as we go, and we can put that in here, and then the UI front-end could determine that as well.

What I like to do is after we create our models, let's make sure we have all the associations set up, and most of those we're going to be the has_manys because the references will actually insert belongs_to for you, which is pretty nifty, so let's go into our models folder and take a look at what we've got.So it's going to be interesting and there's going to be a lot to it, but we can break that up into a handful of episodes, and we'll go tackle all of those and we'll go build an actual chat application so you can get the idea of what it takes to build this bigger applications with Action Cable.Without further ado, this episode we're just going to dive into building out all the foundational stuff at a high level, so we're going to talk about building the users, the channels, the connections between users and channels so next time you log in we remember where you were at.Gemfile bundle install Then we'll go and generate our models, so let's think about the models that we want to use for this. Number two, we're going to have a chat room, we'll probably just call them chat room or room, or whichever you want to call it, and while we're on that topic, you might consider not naming your model "channel", which is kind of a common term to describe a chat room, especially if you're in IRC or something like that, those channels are now also being used as a term for Action Cable channels, so these communication channels over the websockets is now a word that Action Cable is using which means that you might have a little bit of a confusing thing when you glance at the code and see that there's a channel model but there's also a channel in Action Cable.As long as those two don't conflict, you can use the word channel for it in your database models, but it's a little confusing if you're using the same term to describe two different things.

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