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If school is beyond you, there’s still the option of starting a business.Our clueless city women would rather save money for VVIP concert tickets.Many single city women are crying foul because eligible bachelors are unwilling to settle down, even though these same guys date and sleep with them.

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Seems like there’s a very thin line between classy and trendy and trashy and ratchet.Men don’t want to receive a money-milking text every Wednesday asking, “Babe what’s the plan today? You are the type likely to leave the kids at the mercy of the neighbours or house help. Yes, he may be proud to introduce you to his boys in your hot little number.But have you ever wondered why he’s never thought of taking you to meet his mum?Really, how do you expect a man to take you seriously?Drop the pettiness of instant gratification and consider investment.

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